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Beat Procrastination and Fast Track Your Way to Success in All Areas of Your Just 5 Days!

The Only 5-Day Program in the World That Can PERMANENTLY Change the Way You Think So You Can Enjoy Extraordinary Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Career Opportunities

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Jan 19th - 23rd 2020!) 

Go from STUCK to START ...In Just 5 Days

You know what you want. You know what you should be doing to get it…

Then why is it so hard to follow through on tasks and get things done?

Why is it so easy to get STUCK in the procrastination cycle?

Why is it such a challenge to stay motivated after the first few days of starting a new habit, even though you KNOW it’s good for you?

It’s because we’re WIRED to choose the easy path.

And our brain runs programming that quickly makes decisions to achieve just TWO things:

1) Avoid Pain
2) Seek Pleasure
Most people aren’t even aware of this “programming” that runs in the back of their minds 24/7 and affects their decision-making process.

This is the reason why we watch Netflix instead of working on a business project that’s now overdue.

It’s why we say yes to happy hour after work instead of saying yes to the gym.

It’s why we reach for the plate of cookies instead of the plate of carrots.
But what if the things we’ve labeled as ‘pain’ were suddenly the things that brought us pleasure?

What if finishing that business project led to an immediate pay increase...or going to the gym that night put us in an amazing mood and we didn’t even have to deal with a hangover the next day...or the plate of carrots helped us stop cravings for junk food so we stuck with our diet with ease?

These types of shifts all come down to one thing…

And it’s not about motivation, it’s not even about self-discipline.

That one thing is: COMMUNICATION

The way we communicate with ourselves -- the way our thoughts about something develop, the language we use to describe something, and how our brain interprets them -- plays a HUGE role in our results in life.

This is the #1 reason why we don’t do what we know we SHOULD be doing...

And I’m about to dismantle everything you’ve known about personal development by sharing actionable strategies and techniques you can implement in your life NOW.

Change the Meaning You’ve Put Behind Your Choices in Life...And Change Your Life, FAST

Let me show you how to use the right words every day to create a positive impact in all areas of your life.

Your health...your relationships...your finances…

You can change virtually anything you want in your life for the better when you clearly articulate EXACTLY what you want to your your subconscious where your true power to create what you want resides.

But don’t get me wrong...

This isn’t about ‘positive thinking’, or affirmations, or mantras...

I’ll show you how to reframe virtually any situation with the right word choice so you can “instruct” your brain to create your new reality.

Because how you describe something and the meaning you attach to something plays a HUGE role in your outcome and results.

The words you use have a direct impact on your brain...on your thoughts...on your mindset...and on your results.

Most people don’t even know what an impact this has...until they realize they’re just not happy with their life anymore. Maybe their marriage is on the rocks, they’re sinking in debt, or they can’t stand working another day at their current job.

Or maybe they’re not happy with their weight, they wish they had more energy and focus to get through the day, or they just want a better love life.

Whatever the problem is, there’s the option to AVOID it or FACE IT head on and do something about it.

And until you learn how to face these issues with the right approach, you’ll be stuck living the same sub-par reality day after day...because you just don’t believe that you have what it takes to change things for the better.
“Master your internal and external communication and literally every part of your life will change. I have seen this happen for thousands of people I've worked with, over and over again.”
I’ll show you exactly how this works and how to create the ultimate PATTERN INTERRUPTS you need to INITIATE change and move in a new direction.  

Here’s the thing.  

The day you admit that things are not “OK” and you are not where you want to be and are willing to take a chance at change… the day the bigger things you really want in your life will start to happen.  

Are you ready to take ACTION and take these steps you know you need to grow?

In Just Five Days, You’ll Be Equipped with All The Tools, Strategies, and Techniques You Need to Live an Exceptional Life

Join Call2Action now for 5 powerful days of coaching with me in an interactive format. These coaching calls have helped over 30,000 people to date transform their lives using a step-by-step process that reveals the truth about creating lasting change in your life.

Each day, I’ll give you actionable steps and techniques you can implement right away to create results. We’ll walk through a variety of scenarios and examples so you can see exactly how they work. You’ll be connected to one of my trained coaches to walk you through each day and hold you accountable.

You’ll discover new ways of thinking and being, an entirely new perspective that can have a dramatic impact on key areas of your life, including your health, relationships, wealth, and career.
What You’ll Walk Away With Each Day
  • Bite-size, ACTIONABLE steps to take that very same day to produce measurable results
  • Insights and REAL-LIFE experiences other members are sharing on each call that you can relate to and learn from
  • A no-nonsense, NO BS coaching session from me personally where I break down the thinking patterns and ideas that are preventing you from moving forward
  • CLARITY and direction on what you need to do next to be one step closer to your goals and dreams
  • Feeling SUPPORTED and encouraged as you start making small but impactful changes right after each call

What People Are Saying About Call2Action

“Hi guys, I reached a monumental goal. After taking Call2Action… I made a decision to take action day after day. I reduced my blood pressure to normal range from stage 2 hypertension without medication, & dropped 30 lbs… Then last Saturday in Phoenix I was awarded the 1st prize in the Essante Organics 12 Week transformation contest and received a check for $2,500!

Gordon Willford

My life has changed so much since working with Michael. I am doing so many different things and my confidence improved tremendously. I speak up more where as before I would not say what was on my mind at that moment. I push myself to do more things – especially the things I do not want to do – I know when I get uncertain great things will happen in my life. 

John Grant

Call2Action has been life-changing for me. I feel like I am back on track. My business is really taking off. I have another 12 prospects today. CONFIDENCE is HUGE game changer…HUGE!!! That makes 20 prospects in 48 hours. I am doing things outside of my comfort zone. It is the best feeling. I’m kind of getting addicted to this outside my comfort zone feeling I am empowered!!

Brandi Warnke

Since taking Call2Action in March. I’ve added 5 new associates to my team. Met and exceeded my marketing goals, consistently follow up with leads, and have able to develop my IPC and APR! Thank you SO MUCH Michael Bernoff

Jennifer Lista

Call2Action is Your Roadmap for Personal Achievement and Helps You Create Lasting Results NOW

Call2Action is a power-packed training you can participate in no matter where you live.

We recommend setting aside time for all 5 days of the calls in a row because the ideas and strategies you learn each day set the stage for the following day.

I’ll guide you through the day’s lesson and give you short assignments to complete before the next lesson. You’ll be communicating directly with one of my coaches who will guide you through each day and keep you on track.

This interactive format helps you learn and assimilate everything faster than just listening to an audiobook or podcast because it engages several parts of the brain and gets you thinking about your future.

What You’ll Notice In 5 Days...Or Less
  • Things get easier…
  • You feel more confident...
  • You make decisions more easily…
  • You stop falling back on old habits that no longer serve you…
  • You learn how to coach yourself to a more positive state
And most importantly, you’ll find yourself doing things with ENTHUSIASM and EXCITEMENT -- even things you didn’t enjoy doing before will be less of a chore. 

I’ll show you the POWER of self-communication and how to disrupt the programming that’s running your life. This is the programming you’re not even aware of, the reason why it’s so difficult to break some of those habits you know are holding you back...

You’ll discover the power of putting yourself first in EVERY circumstance, in every situation -- without being selfish or self-centered while doing so -- so you can truly OWN your life and build rock solid confidence in yourself, no matter what you are doing…
It’s time to do something DIFFERENT.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels, time to stop being a personal development junkie…

And time to push the RESET button on your life with proven tools, systems and strategies that will take your life to the next level, FAST.

Here’s What You’ll Get 
Over FIVE Days of Powerful Coaching through Call2Action

Day 1: The Power of Language and Communication

Day One will introduce you to the power of language and how you communicate not only to the world, but also to yourself. Understanding the word and language patterns you’re using every day -- probably subconsciously -- can help you identify ways you’ve ‘learned’ to fail or fall short in some areas of your life.
  • Discover the TWO things that create lasting change in your life -- and the one thing that triggers instant change
  • Learn how to “opt out” of scripts that are creating a life or identity you no longer resonate with
  • Uncover your limiting patterns and redirect your thoughts towards success

Day 2: Discovering Your Internal Motivation Strategy

Learn what REALLY moves you..not what should move you, but what truly gets you motivated deep down. You’ll discover the TWO things that create lasting change -- and one of them is instant. On Day 2 you’ll also discover:
  • The simple steps to END procrastination for good and move forward faster than you probably ever have before
  • Why you need to stop “positive thinking” and why it’s keeping you STUCK
  • The importance of shifting your focus to what WORKS instead of what you THINK will work to get the momentum you need

Day 3: Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Most people go through life floating along in their comfort zone. Whether they realize it or not, this is where they’ve SETTLED for a quite a lot...they’ve learned to TOLERATE things that they wouldn’t otherwise tolerate if they had a different set of standards or expectations. Day 3 will help you identify the borders of your comfort zone...and break through them! You’ll learn:
  • How to effect change in MINUTES, not days or weeks with a powerful technique I’ve used for years
  • Why you need to accept discomfort in order to allow change into your life -- pushing past your limits is critical for LASTING change to occur and we’ll go through this together
  • How to identify your limitations and EASILY navigate your way through them so you don’t find yourself settling ever again

Day 4: Designing Your Future

Today is one of the most important days of the program because we’ll be identifying EXACTLY what you want in your life. I’ll help you tap into your subconscious to finally break through resistance to make lasting change and also explore an infinite number of possibilities for your future. On Day 4, you will:
  • Dig deep to make sure your goals and ideas truly make you “smile” on the inside and fire you up to take ACTION
  • Learn how to create a detailed mental picture of EXACTLY what you want in your life, everything from relationships to finances
  • Identify real, concrete action steps you can implement every single day that will put you on the path to reaching your goals quickly

Day 5: Implementation and Integration

The key to unlocking your ability to motivate yourself is to integrate all your dreams, goals and desires into your being -- you need to FEEL the energy and excitement of your goals and vision every time you think about them. On Day 5, I’ll show you specific methods and strategies you can use to:
  • “Burn” my techniques into your subconscious so you can keep the momentum going and start making BIG changes in your life
  • AMPLIFY your internal motivation and drive whenever you need it enhance all areas of your life quickly
  • Create CONSISTENCY with your efforts to continue following through and improving your communication 

PLUS 2 Fast-Action Bonuses ($250+ values!)

Bonus #1: 1-HOUR PERSUASION TRAINING (199 value)

Communicate your TRUE power and influence in every situation with this content-packed training 

Bonus #2: 7-Minute Confidence  Binaural Beat Training System ($59 value)

Supercharge your confidence any time you need a boost. Listening to this powerful audio track for just 7 minutes will put you in the right mental state to OWN your day and feel confident, almost on autopilot!

Isn’t it time you took care of YOU?

Isn’t it time you took the reigns on your life and ACCELERATED forward, instead of staying stuck and wondering what’s next?

Here’s your opportunity to trigger some personal breakthroughs using powerful tools and techniques that will have a profound impact on your life and the lives of those around you!

Sign up today to get access to the entire Call2Action training program for $200 off the regular price! These 5 short days will transform your life!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

And It’s Backed By My 100% Results Guarantee

I’m so confident you will make profound changes in your life over the 5 days of C2A that I’m willing to back your investment with a 100% results guarantee. Listen to all 5 days of calls, do the exercises each day, and complete the workbook. 

If for any reason you don’t believe you were able to make a single positive change in your life based on what you learned, simply send me your completed workbook and list of exercises you completed each day for a full refund!

You Really Only Have 2 Options Right Now…


You could sit on this, go back to what you are doing and wonder if it will be worth it. It’s easier to go back to whatever it was you were doing before anyway, why change? You might have a vague idea of your goals and a blurry idea of the future, but maybe you just want to ‘go with the flow’ and see what happens next…


You can take ACTION today, take CHARGE today, and ENSURE you will come away after 5 days with a whole new game plan and REAL change under your belt. You can dive in to this training and emerge with a completely new set of skills and techniques that will drive your life forward.
The choice is yours.

Make a decision you can live with, knowing that your dream life is completely attainable when you grasp what I share in Call2Action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I really get results in 5 days?
YES. Every single person who has taken my program walks away with at least ONE (usually a dozen) action steps they have implemented DURING the program and experienced results from it. I make it incredibly easy to learn and integrate my techniques using NLP and other methods that accelerate your ability to make this work for you.
What if I don’t see any results in 5 days?
You will. But if for some reason this program, that’s helped over 30,000 people to date, doesn’t have ANY impact on your life, I will give you your money back. Just send me the exercises you did each day and your completed Workbook to show me it didn’t work for you...we’ll verify you completed all 5 days if we find you didn’t make any progress whatsoever since Day 1,I’ll happily send you a refund.

I’ve already done a ton of self-help and personal development programs. Why is this different?
Let me guess. You were taught to ‘think positive’ and ‘change your mindset’ or ‘write down your goals’. These are all good practices but they do NOTHING for getting deep down into your motivation core and REWIRING the way you think about things...and how you approach things. You could easily spend weeks, months, and even years working on yourself with these approaches. All I’m asking for is 5 DAYS and I’ll guide you through a real transformation.
What happens if I miss one of the days.
We encourage you to attend all 5 days in succession as this will give you the most value and help you learn faster. However, we will give you access to the recordings after the 5 days are complete so you can review anything you’ve missed and revisit anything at any time.
Do I have to use the Workbook?
Yes. Writing down notes and doing the exercises as we go will help you learn faster. The simple act of putting pen to paper will also help you tap into your subconscious to generate ideas while organizing your thoughts. It’s an important piece of this program and you’ll want to use it to reference it later.

Can I listen to this in the car or at work?
You can do whatever you want, but we encourage you to set aside time for yourself where you have zero interruptions and distractions. You want to be completely present and focused for this training so you can fully absorb the material. We recommend turning off all phones and TVs, closing out other tabs, and disengaging from other activities to get the most out of C2A.

Michael Bernoff

I’ve always been fascinated with how the richest, smartest, most successful business minds of ANY time in history achieved their level of success. Over the past 17 years, I’ve studied hundreds of high-achieving entrepreneurs and self-development icons. The one thing they ALL have in common is patterns and similarities in the way they THINK. 

All of these people have a distinct way of thinking about and shaping their world. They know the fundamentals of navigating their way to success, they know how to overcome adversity, and they know how to achieve MASSIVE results with everything they do. 

So what’s their secret? I spent years researching and testing different theories and methodologies...until I discovered a method of communication between yourself and others that can completely change the trajectory of your life.

With my background as a linguist and NLP practitioner, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others achieve incredible personal and professional breakthroughs by mastering the art of communication. My coaching methods are unlike anything you’ve experienced before and have produced life-changing results for people around the world.
I developed Human Interaction Technology (HIT) that provides people with the tools they need to access parts of their brain that allow them to function in a way that’s more effective and impactful than their current level of performance, productivity and state of being.

So now it’s your turn. Join me for 5 days of coaching through Call2Action and experience the next level of personal development -- techniques, strategies and proven methods that will help you break through old patterns effortlessly and begin a new journey to greatness, excellence, and high performance in every area of your life.

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